6 Reasons Not To Attend A Public University

Here are the 6 reasons why I attending aprivate university is good for you.

#1. Conducive Environment : When you look at some government owned universities,you wonder if this is actually a secondary school or what? The government of nigeria doesn't really show much concerns to their schools but private university believes that a conducive environment is very essential for learning.

When you go to private universities for a tour , you don't feel like leaving there, they have things in place for learning. You see student of public university overcrowded(receiving lectures through the window or standing@ the door) how do you learn in this environment,with so much heat thanks to the over population.

#2. COST: Yea, I know you do be surprised I said cost. Private universities are expensive, you don't expect education tobe cheap. The are expensive because they give you value for money. I leave you with the slogan which says if education is expensive try ignorance.

#3. CONNECTION: No matter how rich a man is,if he doesn't have connection,he's useless. Private universities creates an avenue for you tomeet the sons and daughters of the rich and powerful men in our societies.

The Dangotes and otedolas have their sons,daughters, nephew etc in this so called private universities and this can easily elevate you. Being a scholar does not guarantee you an employment opportunity in our society except you are connected.

Isn't it a good thing to be dinning and winning with the crème de la crème of society? Answer me

#4. SECURITY: Our public schools are not safe,not even safe for the lecturers not to talk of the students. Many student have lost their lives to this game called Cultism (even the innocent ones).

Some lecturers who refuse to dance to the tune of this so called school prefects have kicked the bucket. What is the essence of making a 1st class in public universities and on your graduation day or final exam ,you get wasted.

Abraham Maslow's listed 5 hierarchy of needs and SAFETY is one of it. Our Public universities are not safe for learning

#5. STRIKE ACTION: OMG, why would a 4years course becomes 6years without any extra years or carry over? Strike has been one of the main problem facing theeducation system in nigeria.

Some people entered the university @ the age of 25 with the hope of finishing a 4 yearscourse but due to strike actions the finished at the age of 31 and couldn't go for their youth service because they are above 30years.

In a private university, you know when you are graduating except the student failed some courses which lead to extra years.

#6. Discipline: There is discipline in privateuniversity, you don't slap your lecturer, you don't threaten your fellow colleague.

You don't run away from lecturers,you don't receive calls while having lectures, all because you want to party or flex. Remember , the main reason you are in school is too learn. Private university instill discipline on their student unlike public university.

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