Be life-long learners, professor tells pupils

A paediatric neurologist, Prof. Afolabi Lesi, has told pupils to acquire knowledge outside their primary interest.

He said doing so would give them the opportunity to appreciate different view points and be better team players.

Lesi made this point on Saturday at the Valedictory Service and Graduation ceremony of Dowen College, Lagos.

“If you are a science pupil, read literature and the humanities and learn the philosophies that underpin science and how to develop your own

If you are an Art pupil, learn something about the natural sciences to understand the process of observation and experimentation to test hypothesis that science teaches.

In so doing, you will learn that
knowledge is never one track and always interdependent,’’ he said.

Lesi, who is also the Dean, Faculty of Clinical Sciences, University of Lagos, advised the pupils to watch out for dream killers as they progress in their academic pursuit.

“These include: You are too young, you are too old.

You are a girl, your faith is wrong; your background is wrong; you are from the wrong tribe; you are black, or you have a disability.

In your life’s journey, you are bound to hear these things either bluntly or nicely said.

What is important is how you respond to these comments.

What does not kill you makes you
stronger,’’ he added.

At the event which held at the school premises, commendations and prizes were given to
deserving pupils who have been outstanding in academics and non-academics awards.

Female graduating pupils had the best outing as they emerged the best in 26 out of the 29 categories for academic excellence.

However, Serena Omo-Lamai emerged the valedictorian for being the most outstanding pupil in English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Biology and other subjects.

In her address, Omo Lamai thanked her parents for their support.

“Behind each graduating pupil today are hundreds or even thousands of people who provided financial and moral support, encouragement and a helping hand to lift us back up when we fell down.

I would also like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my parents. They have stood by me through all the challenges I have faced,’’ she said.

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