Ten Life Lessons That Should Be Taught In Schools

School is a place that grooms you, nurtures you and turns you into a person you become for the rest of your life.

It is in this place where you have your first best friend, your first boyfriend and probably your first heart break.

Right from increasing your subject knowledge and improving your aptitude to instilling values into you and making sure that you become a wonderful person when you finally graduate from this place, your school probably does a lot for you.

However there are certain things that schools are not always able to teach you.

We have 10 lessons about life that should be taught in school.

Check them out.

1. How to learn all your life:
Often people think that graduation marks the end of learning. But, this is where they go wrong.

Graduation, in factmarks the beginning of the part where no one is going to guide you and tell you what you are supposed to be learning and what your are not supposed to be learning; and that you are now left to take your own decisions.

However, the learning process never ends. The only time it will, is when you breathe your last breath.

2. High grades and flashy awards are not everything:
Often professors, with an intention of motivating students to take their academics seriously, tend to portray that getting high grades and winning lot of awards is everything.

No doubt that this is awe-inspiring to get top grades and win many awards. But, when you get out in the real world, nobody is reallygoing to consider you as popular only onthe basis of your grades and awards.

The real deal is that you know that what it takes to win those grades and awards, and how you use this knowledge to excelin the rat race of real life.

3. Dealing With Change:
For years, in school you will be surrounded with almost the same type of people.

These are the people whom you probably know since childhood and so it is not very difficult to understand them.

However when you get out in the real world, there are all types of people out there-the good, the bad and the ugly!You have to learn how to deal with themand the pressures that come along.

4. Valuing Relationships:
The friends you make in school are the friends you will have for the rest of your life. You will probably never ever be ableto find friends like that again.

Hence, it important that you realize this before it is too late. Always make it a point to keep in touch with your school friends.

Because no matter how successful you become in life, your school friends are the ones who loved you when you were nothing.

5. Choosing the Right Career:
Now this is very important. Many peoplemake a terrible mistake of choosing the path of their career only depending on how much it pays.

They crush their own desires and ignore their strengths in the greed for money.

This is where they go terribly wrong and end up in jobs that may pay well, but never manage to give them that mental satisfaction. Of course money is important, but along with that, it is also important that you identify yourself in your job.

You should be able to use your strengths to the maximum extent possible.

6. Managing Money:
The way you manage your money will beinstrumental in determining how successful you will be in your life.

The formal education you get in school gives you a foundation for your career, but answers to questions like, what to do with the money you earn and how to invest it intelligently remain unanswered.

The richest people in this world, managed to figure the answer to these questions themselves and at a very early stage in their life.

7. Judging others:
If you only knew how to judge people around you, life would have been so much easier. You wouldn’t have to worryabout your heart breaking, about someone backstabbing you or about getting cheated.

Hence, learning to judgepeople around is an important lesson to be learnt.

8. Not Hesitating To Ask Questions:Can you imagine what this world would have been if nobody asked questions? Many people are hesitant about asking aquestion, so they will rather let it remainunanswered.

This is where they go wrong. Always remember, there is no one in this world who has the answer to every question. So there is nothing silly in asking a question.

In fact, not asking a question when you want to, is silly.

9. Learning To Stand Up For Yourself:
Often people aren’t able to do this and let others around them treat them like a doormat. If you don’t speak-up for yourself, you will never be able to do anything for yourself.

Others will use you till a point where you allow them to do so. If you are waiting for some princecharming to come and stand-up for you, you need a reality check.

You need to learn to speak-up for yourself and take your stand.

10. Preparing for uncertainty:
Life is never certain. You cannot expect things to go the way you expect them to.

Life will always surprise you. So if you want to be one step ahead and be prepared, always be ready with a plan B for every important decision.

By this youwill never see a day, when you don’t know what to do.We hope by this article, you were able tolearn something that you did not learn inschool. Have a great life.

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