Ladoke Akintola University of Technology,OgbomosoPost utme Questions and answers2006-2013

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology,Ogbomoso
Post utme Questions and answers
English Language 2012/2013
Choose the words That best complete the sentences
1.___________ disturb most ships nowadsays.
2. Most politicians lack the moral. ________ for
3. He brought ______ for his wife on his return from
(a)a lether gold-rimmed big brown bag
gold-rimmed brown biig lether bag (c)a big brown gold-
rimmed leather bag
(d)a brown gold-rimmed big leather
4. Many childreen are often frightened by the ______
of the fog.
Choose the words that are nearest in meaning to the
ones understand (5-7)
5. Part of panadol's work is to mitigate. Acute muscular
(c) cure
6. The head of department requested for a competent
7. I always like to refer to my memorable past.
Choose words that are opposite in meaning to the one
underlined (8-10)
8. He fellows him sheepishly. (a)arrogantly
9. It is advisable to make one's spiritual matters
esoteric to one's pastor.
10. Medicine is not a course for all comers.
(b)select few
(c)selected people
Mathematics 2012/2013
1. Convert 728 to a number in base three
2. If P is a set of all prime. Factors of. 30 and Q is
a set of all factors of 18 less than 10, find P n Q.
3. If 27x+2 ÷ 9x+1 = 32x , find x. (a)3
4.The binary operation* is defined on a set off integers
such that p*q =pq+p-q. Find. 2*(3*4).
5. The angle of a polygon are given by x,2x,3x,4x and
5x respectively. Find the value of x. (a)240.
If 5. 3. 3. 5
X. 2. 4. 5
Find the value of x.
7. What is the value in the gradient of the line joining
[-1,p] and [p,4] is 2/3 ?
8. A chord is drawn 5cm away from the centre of a
circle of radius 13cm. Calculate the lenght of the chord.
9. If the lines 3y=4x-1 and 9y=x+3 are parallel to each
other, the value of q is ?
(c) 4/3.
10. What is the mean deviation of 3,5,8,11,12 and 21?
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