How Student Can Make A living With Talkafrica earnings Programme

TalkAfrica is a growing social forum just like Nairaland but they currently offer a "monetization" feature which is lacking in

Yes, TalkAfrica offers up to N1,620.00
per referral.

Unlike Mobofree Affiliate Program ,
they operate a referral based system which means anybody can opt for it and refer new users to earn commissions whether they have a site or not.

Initially, they offered N1,620.00 per referral but on the account that the referred user must have
earned up to N4,860.00.

This made it hard for existing users to refer new users because it was
a win-win only to the forum administration.

So the proviso scared away the existing users from
trying out this feature.

However, the adminstration have looked into the matter and resolved that the program was too strict as well as non-profiting and frustrating to their members and decided to ameliorate it.

So they resolved to instantly credit referees with
N100 for every confirmed (active) referred member.

Then as time goes on, you earn more commission on the referral if he/she continues to partake in the activity of the forum until you are completely credited the total N1,620.00.

Each credited earnings will not be held or kept pending, rather, it will be available for withdrawal.

So as at now, you earn N100 instantly per every referral you get to register on the platform and later, a sum of N1,620.00 if the referral becomes active by posting and commenting in forums, referring others and earning their own money.

TalkAfrica is absolutely free to join and currently gives its users N50.06 per thousands reads on their posts.

They also have a widget for
webmasters which they can place on their site and blogs and earn about N1.95 for each click.

Minimum withdrawal is N2000 and those who
have met the payment threshold will be paid via

You can use this feature to entice your referrals to join the TalkAfrica board to earn
from it.

We brought this post up for some student who find it difficult to make a leave at school because I hope with this its can help you better.

So all those megabyte you do waste On Immaterial social media stop it now and hook up with Talkafrica.

To register, please click here.

Happy earnings.


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