One important skill every student can learn before graduation

With the many complaints of unemployed graduates, many of us are often afraid of the uncertainties of life after school.

Many others don’t even care for two main reasons;
One: They are clueless of the fact that life after graduation can be disheartening if not adequately prepared for and
Two: They are among the few lucky ones who already have job positions secured, ‘pocketed’ and kept in wait for them by an uncle or some godfather.
So, for the many students who don’t have an ‘Oga at the top’ who can create a job or handout appointment letters, there is the need to sit up and take the bull by the horn.
Whether you are studying Engineering, Mathematics or Business Admin, you will eventually benefit a great deal after acquiring this grand skill.

Learn to Sell

Selling is the grand skill everyone uses. Everyone sells. You can either learn it and use it to your advantage or refute it go about trying your luck.
Even as students, we always find ourselves in positions where we have to sell. For example; Say you miss a test and you approach your lecturer for a make-up, you will have to sell to her why she should give you a make-up test.
Another example is what happens in a job interview; you will need to sell to a company on why they should hire you.
However, selling an idea or something to someone in exchange for their money is often the most challenging of sales. This is largely because of our love for money. Hence, you know you are good at selling when you are able to exchange something for someone’s cash.

How to Learn Selling

1. Read and Study Materials and Books about Selling

The best learning method is that which lets you learn from the experiences of others. People who have written good sales books are those who have sold for many years; haven written from experience. There are also good blogs and online materials you can learn from.
Selling is all about influencing the decision of others. A book such as: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie is a good start.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

If you don’t try to sell, you will never get good at it. What you have read rarely matters, find something other students can pay for, and sell.
Lastly, now is definitely the best time for you to learn and master this skill because after it is all said and done, you must either sell your abilities to a potential employer or to your customers. Learn selling.
Now, the greatest advantage of all is that, whether you get a job upon graduation or not, your ability to sell will sustain you financially.
What other skill do you think is more important than selling? Kindly share
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