What you need to know about Unilorin 2015 Post UTME

Following the conclusion of the 2015 JAMB CBT Examination, successful candidates who meet up University of Ilorin cut off mark have longed to see the basic requirements for the UNILORIN Post UTME 2015.

Many others also wish to know when the UNILORIN Post UTME form will be out on sale as well as what to expect in this year’s screening process.

Whichever category you fall, we think you will find this article useful.

List of basic requirements for UNILORIN Post UTME 2015

1) To qualify for the UNILORIN post UTME exam, you must have sat for any of the O’ Level exams either with your released result or your awaiting result and already meet up with the school’s minimum cut-off mark for your course in JAMB.

2) UNILORIN post UTME exam is a Computer Based Test (CBT).

3) There are going to be 50 questions and the test will last for 25-30minutes.

4) The questions will mostly be categorized into 5 parts which are: English Lang., Mathematics, Biology, General Questions (with Geography having higher priority) and Current Affairs.

5) Generally, UNILORIN doesn’t have a specific proportion with which the subjects and accompanying questions are given to candidates which means a candidate may have the afore-listed subjects in the proportion/ratio 20:10:5:7:8 (i.e English Lang.= 20, Mathematics=10, Biology=5, General Question=7, Current Affairs=8) while another candidate will have his/her combination in the ratio 15:4:8:17:6 and so on which means the proportion varies from candidate to candidate. However, one thing is certain; you will be provided with 50 questions in total.

6) UNILORIN does not test how much you know about the department or faculty you are coming in for.  That has been taken care of in your O’ levels and in your JAMB.

7) No official date has been announced for the sale of the post-UTME form by the school, but we are guessing one month or more from the time of this post.

8) The date for the commencement of the sale of the post UTME forms would be posted in the dailies, the school website and some other websites on of which will surely be Ngschoolportal.com

9) No official price for the school’s post UTME form has been announced yet but it should be between N3000 and N4000 because last year’s price was N3000 and it was N2000 in the previous year.

10) The form will be purchased online on the school website using either the Verve or Master Card payment platforms.  PLEASE NOTE THAT FORMS WILL NOT BE SOLD OUTSIDE OF THE SCHOOL WEBSITE.

11) As is the practice of all Nigerian Federal Universities, UNILORIN also gives higher priority to candidates in her catchment area. So you should not be surprised if you score 220 in JAMB and 80% in the post UTME and you’re not admitted but someone else with a score of 200 in JAMB and 60% in the post UTME gains admission.

12) UNILORIN catchment areas are: The Middle Belt States which are Kwara, Kogi, Niger, Benue, Nasarawa, etc. Some of the South Western states are also considered in some cases.

13) The UNILORIN post UTME cut off mark is generally 50% except for the highly competitive courses which are between 60% to 70%. So if you score anything less than 50% in the post UTME exam, your chances of getting admitted are slim to none.

14) All that is required of you on the day of the exam is your printout and a pen to sign the attendance.

15) Your result will be sent to you via text message so be sure of the phone number you will provide while doing your registration although it will also be available on the school website.

16) A text message will be sent to you if you have been offered admission or by checking the school website.

17) Religion is not a basis for admission into UNILORIN.

18) UNILORIN provides two centers for the post UTME exam which are the Lagos center at Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja and the other center at the school premises in Ilorin. You are to choose one of these centers for your exam.

19) UNILORIN remedial students will also have to sit for the post UTME because it increases th

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