The Quality of Good primary Sector remains perplexed — HDI

source: Ngschoolportal

A non-government organization, Human Development Initiatives (HDI) in collaboration with other partners, have kicked off a project on improving and enhancing governance and accountability for quality, effective and accessible primary and junior secondary education at the Local Government in Nigeria relative to Universal Basic Education (UBE) statutory and policy framework.

The project supported by  USAID Strengthening Advocacy and Civic Engagement Project, is scheduled to run from 2014 to 2019 in Kano State (Gwale LGA and Garun Mallam LGA); Enugu State (Enugu North LGA and Nkanu West LGA); Lagos State (Lagos Mainland LGA and Ibeju-Lekki LGA); and Federal Capital Territory, Abuja (Bwari Area Council and Abuja Municipal Council).
According to the Chairman, Board of Trustees of HDI, Prof. Sarah Oloko, the project is needful because despite the intent of the UBE, its effectiveness remains worrisome in the country.

She said this is attributed to a number of factors which include: weak governance structure, corruption, inadequate funding, inadequate and non-functional educational facilities – physical structures, inadequate and low quality of teachers, inadequate instructional materials, unwillingness and inability of the states and local governments to fund and monitor primary education, weak CSOs and community stakeholders engagement in education-related issues, non-adherence to key universal Principle of Local Governance/Government among others
“Where infrastructure is available, they are grossly insufficient. Children lack books and learning aids. They sometimes go to school with their own chairs and desks, or sit on bare floor even in un-conducive school buildings for learning

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