NSUK Postgraduate Admission Form Now On-Sale – 2015/16

Sales of Nasarawa State University, Keffi, NSUK postgraduate programmes admission form for the 2015/2016 academic session has commenced.
The authorities of the Nasarawa State University, Keffi (NSUK) are inviting applications from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the university postgraduate programmes for the 2015/2016 academic session.

NSUK Available Postgraduate Programmes.

a) Department of Business Administration
  1. PGD (Business Admin/ Mgt)   (Part-Time)
  2. MBA (General)
  3. MBA Entrepreneurship                 (Part-Time)
  4. MBA Marketing                                 (Part-Time)
  5. MBA Management (Part-Time)
  6. MBA Human Resources                 (Part-Time)
  7. MBA Finance                                 (Part-Time)
  8. MBA Insurance                                 (Part-Time)
  9. M.Sc. Business Administration                                (Full-Time)
b) Department of Public Administration
  1. PGDPA (Public Administration) (Part-Time)
  2. MPA (General) (Part Time)
  3. MPA (Personnel Admin) (Part-Time)
  4. MPA (Public Policy Analysis) (Part-Time)
  5. MPA (Local Govt. Admin)         (Part-Time)
  6. M.Sc. Public Administration                   (Full-Time)
a) Department of Accounting
  1. PGDAF (Accounting & Finance) (Part-Time)
  2. M.Sc. Accounting and Finance (Full-Time)
  3. Master in Public Sector
Accounting (MIPSA)
  1. MIPSA (Public Financial Mgt.) (Part-Time)
  2. MIPSA (Tax Management) (Part-Time)
  3. MIPSA (Treasury Management) (Part-Time)
  4. MIPSA (Public Audit Mgt.) (Part-Time)

Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension
  1. PGD Agric. Economics & Extension (Part-Time)
  2. Agric. Econs & Extension option
  3. Farm Management option (Part-Time)
  4. M.Sc Agricultural Economics                  (Full-Time)
  5. Ph.D Agricultural Economics                   (Full-Time)
  6. M.Sc Agricultural Extension                    (Full-Time)
  7. Ph.D Agricultural Extension                    (Full-Time)
Department of Agronomy
  1. PGD Agronomy (Part-Time)
  2. Crop Science option (Part-Time)
  3. Crop Protection option
  4. Soil and Water Management                     (Part-Time)
  5. M.Sc Crop Science                                   (Full-Time)
  6. Ph.D Crop Science                                   (Full-Time)
  7. M.Sc Soil Science                                    (Full-Time)
  8. Ph.D Soil Science                                     (Full-Time)
  9. M.Sc Crop Protection                                               (Full-Time)
  10. Ph.D Crop Protection                                               (Full-Time)
Department of Animal Science
  1. PGD Animal Science (Part-Time)
  2. M.Sc Animal Science                                               (Full-Time)
  3. Ph.D Animal Science                                               (Full-Time)

a) Department of English
  1. M.A. & Ph.D. English (Full-Time)
  2. M.A. & Ph.D Literature in English (Full-Time)
b) History Department
  1. M.A. & Ph.D. History (Full-Time)
c) Department of Languages & Linguistics
  1. M.A. & Ph.D. Linguistics (Full-Time)
d) Department of Arabic
  1. M.A. & Ph.D. Arabic (Full-Time)
e) Department of Islamic Studies
  1. M.A & Ph.D Islamic Studies (Full-Time)
f) Department of Religious Studies
  1. M.A Sociology of Religion (Full-Time)
  2. M.A Biblical Studies New Testament (Full-Time)
  3. M.A African Traditional Religion             (Full-Time)
  4. M.A Philosophy & Ethics (Full-Time)
  5. M.A & Ph.D Religious Studies (Full-Time)
  6. Ph.D Church History (Full-Time)
  7. Ph.D Biblical Studies                                               (Full-Time)
g) Department of French
  1. M.A French (Full-Time)
  1. PGDE (Education) (Part-Time)
  2. PGDAP (Educational Admin & Planning)                (Part-Time)
  3. M.Ed. & Ph.D Measurement & Evaluation              (Full-Time)
  4. M.Ed. & Ph.D Mathematics Education (Full-Time)
  5. M.Ed. & Ph.D Educational Psychology (Full-Time)
  6. M.Ed. & Ph.D Science Education (Full-Time)
  7. M.Ed & Ph.D Educational Admin. Planning            (Full-Time)
  8. M.Ed Philosophy of Education (Full-Time)
  9. Ph.D Philosophy and Ethnics                  (Full-Time)
a) Department of Geography
  1. PGD. Environmental Resource Management (Part-Time)
  2. M.Sc. & Ph.D. Environmental Resource MGT (Full-Time)
  3. M.Sc. & . Ph.D. Climatology                                               (Full-Time)
  4. M.Sc. Ph.D . Geomorphology (Full-Time)
b) Department of Sociology
  1. M.Sc. Sociology                 (Full –Time)
 Areas of specialization are: Criminology & Criminal Justice; Medical Sociology; Gender Studies; Industrial Sociology; Sociology of Development.
c) Department of Political Science
  1. M.Sc. Public Policy Analysis (Full-Time)
  2. M.Sc. International Relations (Full-Time)
  3. M.Sc. Political Economy & Devt. Studies           (Full-Time)
d) Department of Economics
  1. PGD Economics (Part-Time)
  2. M.Sc Economics                                                          (Full-Time)
  3. Ph.D Economics                                                         (Full-Time)
a) Department of Geology & Mining
  1. PGD Geology & Mining (Part-Time)
  2. M.Sc. & Ph.D. Geology & Mining          (Full-Time)
  3. M.Sc. & Ph.D. Mineral Exploration                   (Full-Time)
  4. M.Sc. & Ph.D. Sedimentology     (Full-Time)
b) Department of Chemistry
M.Sc. & Ph.D Chemistry                   (Full-Time)
c) Department of Biological Sciences
  1. PGD Biodiversity & Conservation Management (Part-Time)
  2. M.Sc. & Ph.D Plant Genetics & Breeding (Full-Time)
  3. M.Sc. & Ph.D Plant Science & Breeding           (Full-Time)
  4. vi M.Sc & Ph.D Zoology (Applied Hydro Biology & Fisheries   (Full-Time)
  5. M.Sc & Ph.D Zoology (Applied Entomology & Parasitology (Full-Time)
  6. PGD Microbiology (Part-Time)
  7. M.Sc. & Ph.D Microbiology                                              (Full-Time)
c) Department of Mathematics
  1. M.Sc. & Ph.D Mathematics (Full-Time)
d) Department of Physics
  1. PGD Physics (Radiation) (Part-Time)
  2. PGD Physics (Elect. & Communication) (Part-Time)
  3. M.Sc. Physics (Elect. & Communication)                           (Full-Time)
  4. M.Sc. Physics (Plasma) (Full-Time)
  5. M.Sc. Physics (Radiation & Medical) (Full-Time)
  6. PGD Physics (Geophysics) (Part-Time)
  7. M.Sc. Physics (Geophysics)                                               (Part-Time)

  1. LLM   (Full-Time)
  2. Ph.D Law                                                         (Full-Time)

NSUK Postgraduate Admission Entry Requirements

Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) Programmes, Applicant must possess.
  1. A minimum of Bachelor’s degree or HND at upper credit level from a recognize university or polytechnic
  2. NYSC discharge, exemption or exclusion certificate/letter
  3. 5’0 Level credit passes including English Language and Mathematics
  4. Any other qualification acceptable to the Senate of Nasarawa State University, Keffi
Masters Programmes, Applicant must possess.
  1. Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of second class honours from recognized institutions
  2. Postgraduate diploma in relevant field.
  3. NYSC discharge, exemption or exclusion certificate/letter
  4. 5’0 Level credit passes including English Language and Mathematics
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programmes, Applicant must possess.
  1. Master’s degree from recognized universities with a minimum of 4.00 CGPA or 60% cumulative average.
  2. NYSC discharge, exemption or exclusion certificate/letter
  3. 5’0 Level credit passes including English Language and Mathematics
(Holders of professional Masters Degree are not eligible to apply directly for any of the Ph.D programmes)
Applicants are to note the followings:
  1. Forms are sold online at our website: nsuk.edu.ng (Select “Prospective students” link, select ‘apply online the postgraduate school) Please, follow all instructions
  2. Application Form cost N15, 000 (Fifteen Thousand Naira Only), payable using e-Transact payment platform in any branches of the following banks: Diamond, Eco, FCMB, First Bank, Mainstreet, Keystone, UBA, Zenith and Unity Bank and will last between March 30, 2015 and May 29, 2015.
  3. Applicant should check the University website for detailed application procedure and further information.
  4. Pre-Qualifying examinations will be conducted.  
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