How to predict your chances of gaining admissions using the new Jamb guidelines

Have you seen your Jamb result? Tolu asked Nkechi. Yes, Jamb sent 180 to my phone but when I went to the cyber café to print it out, I saw it was 220, Nkechi responded. Fumi and Hadiza received exactly the same score they got last year and even with the same date 2015/16 instead of 2016/17 on mine, Tolu retorted.

That was how the confusion began. There were protests, both peaceful and violent ones. As if it was not enough, the Federal Government through the ministry of Education scrapped the Post UTME exercise landing the mildly confused candidates into great confusion on how the admission process will look like. News about point based system floated but was denied by JAMB. The Universities refused to adhere until they were sternly warned by the FG to comply. When JAMB finally came up with a hint that they will stick to admission guidelines of merit list, catchment areas and educationally disadvantaged states; It meant that only the candidates JAMB score would be used for admission and Universities are only going to screen students for their true identity, O level result and cultism. That seemed clear enough but then came questions about whether those posted by JAMB are already admitted, who will issue the admission letter and so on?

We believe that all these are happening because we lack transparency in our system, so we decided to do something to help. Even if we cannot help JAMB and the Universities get their acts together, maybe we can help candidates shape their future make better decision for tomorrow. This is because in everything we do, we believe in being transparent. We believe in getting people informed. Our transparency is shown in how we have helped candidates seeking for admission to obtain credible & helpful information on the admission process. This beautiful website does just that. It calculates your chances of gaining admission and shows you your potential course mates. Do you want to have a look?

A web application designed to help prospective candidates to
Understand how JAMB and Universities admit candidates.
Understand admissions process for merit list, catchment areas and also for educationally less advantaged states.
See their chances of gaining admission even before JAMB and the Universities publish theirs based on their JAMB score, catchment areas and ELAS.
Update on the screening procedure of the school you enrolled for
Interact with future course mates on social media platforms and even connect old students to new roommates.

STEP 1:Registration
So when you visit the website, no matter your JAMB score just register by filling out the form. Enter your names, phone number, state of origin, Institutions you choose in JAMB with the courses, Jamb score and O level result. (Awaiting result-to register when results are out).

STEP 2:Admission List Ranking
The next process is to login with your phone number on the admission standing page. Following a successful login, you will be able to see your dashboard containing your name, the schools you chose (Universities and poly) and the admission standing list. Your position on the list can also be seen on top of the page.

What this means is that if there are 6,000 candidates who choose to study the same course with you (lets say Law) in the same School (lets say Unilag). You will be able to see all of them assuming they have all registered in our website. With a glance on your position, you will know your chances of making the merit, catchment or ELDS list or even an option of another course or maybe if you are 5,677th position, you may want to try again next year (lol).

STEP 3:Relevant News updates
You will be able to receive updates on your schools of choice concerning their screening exercises and other important dates. It automatically becomes a kind of  an inbox for admission updates.
Other features like finding a hostel, getting a roommate etc will be added in the future.

Step 4: Tell Others & Check Back daily
When you inform 10 people to register at the site or help those who are not online to register and those 10 people help another 10 people, in two days everybody must have registered. So, share the news on your Facebook and WhatsApp group and as you do, check your standing regularly to see if your position has changed.

After 3 days of launching the website, we had close to 20,000 users before the point based system was eliminated by JAMB and the new guideline established. Currently we have above 40,000 with the change in guideline, we are requesting that already registered users should go and update their JAMB score and state. As we try to gather more information on the quota for different universities and the carrying capacity for the respective courses they offer, we would always update the application to mirror the reality for candidates seeking admission into any tertiary institutions. You will never be in the dark anymore. Its cool and its transparent and FREE.

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