Documents Required For Scholarship!!!

we present you with the list of important document you need to have when applying for scholarship.

Birth Certificate
Birth certificate is one of the document required by the scholarship schemes, the scheme demand that applicants submit their birth certificates. And where birth certificate is not available, age declaration can also be used.

School ID Card
School ID is one credential almost all the undergraduate scholarships require from students but unfortunately, most schools don’t issue the school ID on time and as a result, many students are denied the opportunity of applying for these scholarships.

Local Government of Origin Identification
Almost all undergraduate scholarships request the Certificate of Local Government of Origin from the applicants. This is very important when it comes to scholarships that are location based for example, Area of Operation scholarship award for some oil companies. Since such scholarship favours students from the operational area, students from non oil producing students look for ways to claim they are from the operational area and to tackle this, the Local government of origin identification is a requirement .

JAMB Result:
Obviously any one who gained admission into the university must have gone through the scrutiny of Jamb Admission and Matriculation board scoring at least 180 and above.

Many Nigerian scholarships schemes ask for JAMB result for application. Some scholarship demand JAMB score of 60% and above of JAMB total score.
But we advise students to enroll for any scholarship they are eligible for so long as such student passed JAMB and meet all other requirements.

O’level Result:
Virtually all scholarships demand O’level result for their application. The O’level results include WASSCE, GCE, NECO and NABTEB.

Although all these belong to O’level, some scholarship schemes demand that the O’level result must be WASSCE or any of the above mentioned in one sitting.
Scholarships like Mobil demand 5 A1 while Federal Government Bilateral Scholarship demand 5 Distinctions in relevant courses including English and Mathematics.

Admission Letter: If you must win an undergraduate scholarship, you must show an evidence that you have been admitted into the institution and course of study you claim.

The Admission letter can either be from JAMB or from your school. Although sometimes, some scholarships specify the actual admission letter they require.

1. Passport: Most often the company in-charge of screening scholarship applicants give size, color and age of the passport required for the scholarships application.

We hope this helps as you get yourself prepared for Admission!!

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