How to overcome procastination

Procrastination also known as delaying, excuse making, dillydallying etc., is a chronic condition that affects many people on a daily basis. You know you’re suffering from this condition when you know you should do something important and instead of doing it, you avoid it and waste time on irrelevant things like watching videos, surfing the internet, chatting etc. And then, when the deadline is almost here and it’s getting late, you panic and wish you got started earlier.

It is a bad habit that eats at your life and can prevent you from achieving success in life. Procrastination will make you miss deadlines often (or make your work sloppy) which will make you seem unreliable and might cost you your credibility.

The first step in overcoming procrastination is to create a to-do list. Male a list of the things you are supposed to do and arrange them in order of importance. It is always better to tackle unpleasant tasks first. Others on the other hand find it easier to cope with unpleasant tasks when they tackle small, exciting tasks first. Choose whatever works for you, just do! Also, break your work into little parts to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Because chores that overwhelm, are actually recipes for procrastination. In addition, create specific deadlines for your tasks.

This will help you with completing your tasks at the appropriate time.

Next, eliminate distractions. Keep away from multimedia gadgets if you’re likely to be distracted by them. You can use those distractions to reward yourself after completing your tasks on schedule. Focus on the success you’ll achieve and the joy you’ll feel once you finish your tasks.

Finally, enlist the help of others. Maybe the reason you’re procrastinating is because you can’t do it alone or you don’t even know how, then get help! Even if you do know how to go about it, two are always better than one and the more, the merrier. Get others to remind you about your duties and check up on you when you are slacking off and to also help you get your work done faster.

Stop procrastinating, start doing and get results!

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