UNILAG Academic Calendar for 2014/2015 Session

University of Lagos, UNILAG academic calendar for the 2014/2015 academic session [Undergraduates].
This is to inform the general public and most especially all the students of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) that the management of the institution has released the academic calendar for the 2014/2015 academic session.

UNILAG Academic Calendar – 1st Semester.

Monday, 19th Jan. 2015: Resumption for 2014/2015 session.
Monday, 8th Dec., 2014 – Sunday, 1st March., 201: Registration of all returning students.
Monday 16th March. – Sunday, 29th March, 2015: Editing of Registered Courses (2 weeks).
Monday, 19th Jan. – Sunday 25th Jan. 2015: Orientation programme for fresh students.
Monday, 26th Jan., 2015: Lectures Begin.
Friday, 1st May, 2015: Lectures End (14 weeks).
Friday, 23rd Jan., 2015: Matriculation Ceremony.
Tuesday, 10th March, 2015: Convocation Lecture.
Wednesday, 11th March, 2015: Convocation Ceremony.
Thursday, 12th March, 2015: Convocation Ceremony.
Monday, 4th May – Saturday, 9th May, 2015: Lecture free week (1 week).
Monday, 11th May – Saturday, 23rd May, 2015 Undergraduate Exams in all Faculties (2 weeks).
Monday, 25th May – Saturday, 30th May, 2015: Examination in core courses in Faculty of Education (1 week).
Saturday, 30th May, 2015: Students Depart.
Monday, 1st June – Friday, 12th June, 2015: First Semester Break (2 weeks).
Thursday, 25th June, 2015: Consideration of Results by BCOS commences (4 weeks after exams).
Wednesday 29th July, 2015: Senate meeting for consideration of Results.

UNILAG Academic Calendar – Second Semester.

Monday, 15th June, 2015: Resumption.
Monday,1st June – Sunday, 28th June, 2015: Registration of students (4 weeks).
Monday 22nd June 2015: Lectures Begin.
Monday, 13th July – Sunday 26th July, 2015: Editing of Registered Course (2 weeks).
Friday, 18th Sept. 2015: Lectures End (14 weeks).
Monday, 21st Sept. – Friday, 25th Sept., 2015: Lecture Free week (1 weeks).
Monday, 28th Sept. – Saturday, 10th Sept., 2015: Examination in all Faculties (2 weeks).
Monday, 12th Oct. – Saturday, 17th Oct., 2015: Examination in all core courses in Faculty of Education (1 weeks).
Saturday, 17th Oct., 2015: Students Depart/End of Session.
Monday 19th Oct., 2015: DLI Residential programme commences (6 weeks).
Saturday, 28th Nov., 2015: DLI students depart.
Thursday, 12th Nov., 2015: Consideration of Results by BCOS commences (4 weeks after Exams).
Wednesday, 25thNov., 2015: Senate meeting for consideration of Results.
Monday, 30thNov., 2015: Proposed date of resumption, 2015/2016 session (6 weeks holiday).
2nd Wednesday of every month: Faculty Board of Studies/Examiners.
3rd Wednesday of every month: Inaugural Lecture.
Last Wednesday of every month: Senate meeting.
Two weeks after Examinations: Uploading of Results.
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